Media Sync > Photo Albums

This page shows all the Photo Albums available on your iOS device. Note that these Photo Albums are automatically managed by the Photos application.

NOTE: Some users are reporting that they don't see any Albums after launching Media Sync. You MUST turn on Location Service for Media Sync in order for it to work correctly. To do this, launch the Settings app. It's under Settings > Location Services. Look for MediaSync then enable Location Services for it.

If you are transferring photos and videos from your iOS device to another iOS device, select a Photo Album by tapping on it. Here’s an example of what the Albums page looks like:


Each Photo Album is represented by an image icon (the image is taken from the last photo or video in the album) with a name and a number. The number represents the number of assets (an asset is either a photo or a video) in the album.

If you are on the receiving end of the transfer (i.e., someone else is sending you the photos or videos), you do not need to select a Photo Album. The photo and videos are automatically saved in the default Photo Album for you.