Media Sync > Overview

Media Sync allows you to easily transfer photos and videos from a Photo Album of one iOS device to another Photo Album of a second iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 4.0 or higher). You access these Photo Albums using the Photos application that comes pre-installed.

The transfer is performed over the air and requires either a WIFI or Bluetooth connection. You can sync between any 2 iOS devices (e.g., iPhone and iPhone, iPhone and iPad, iPad and iPod Touch). Both devices will need to run Media Sync. No need to use iTunes. Now you can share photos and videos with family and friends anytime, anywhere. Also, there is no restriction on the number of images or videos, or length of each video. However, we recommend that if you are sharing videos, WIFI is much faster than Bluetooth.

Note that Media Sync runs on an iPad 1. So you could transfer a video from iPhone or iPad 2 to an iPad 1 and be able to play the video on an iPad 1.

We are working on a version of Media Sync that runs on Max OS X. When that becomes available, you will be able to sync your iOS device with any desktop or notebook that runs Mac OS X.

NOTE: Some users are reporting that they don't see any Albums after launching Media Sync. You MUST turn on Location Service for Media Sync in order for it to work correctly. To do this, launch the Settings app. It's under Settings > Location Services. Look for MediaSync then enable Location Services for it.

If you have questions, comments, or feature requests, please contact us at We will try to get back to you within 24 hrs.