Media Sync > Syncing Photos and Videos

After selecting a Photo Album, you will be presented with a page showing the thumbnails of all photos and videos in this Photo Album:

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The page has 2 modes:

  1. Select - this is the default mode. In this mode, if you tap on the thumbnail image, the photo/video will be selected
  2. Preview - in this mode, you can preview the photo or video before deciding to select it for transfer. Tap on the “Preview” button to switch from “Select” to “Preview” mode
In Preview mode, tapping on a movie launches the movie player. While tapping on a photo shows a popup preview of the photo. Here’s an example of a photo being previewed:

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You can maximize the image by tapping on the expanded double arrow button on the lower right hand corner of the popup photo.

Let’s begin by selecting a few photos and images::

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Once you have selected assets, you will need to connect to a peer device and then initiate the transfer. These are the responsibilities of the 2 buttons on the bottom toolbar:

  1. Connect to Peer - tapping this button allow you to select the iOS device that you want to transfer the selected photos or videos to. Note that the peer device will have to authorize your connection before you can begin the transfer. This prevents unauthorized transfer of images to your device.
  2. Start Sync - once you’re connected to a peer device and you have selected at least one asset (photo or video), this button will be visible. Tapping it will start the transferring process.
The “Connect to Peer” page lists the iOS devices that are currently running Media Sync and are either on the same WIFI network or can be seen by your device via Bluetooth:

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Tap on a Peer to request connection. You will see the following while the connection authorization is requested:

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On the Peer’s device, the following will be shown:

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The peer device will need to authorize the connection before the transfer can begin. This security measure prevents unauthorized transfers to your device.

Once the peer has authorized access, the sync process can begin. Tap on the “Sync” button to begin the transfer. However, before the transfer can begin, you will see the following warning:

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Please do exactly what the warning says or the sync process will hang. This is due to a bug in Apple’s software. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon. Once the sync process starts, you will see the following progress page:

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A thumbnail of the current asset being transferred is always shown. The top progress bar shows the transfer progress of the asset shown in the thumbnail. The bottom progress bar shows the total progress for all assets being transferred. You can abort the sync anytime. Transferring of images are usually very fast, especially over WIFI. Videos usually take longer to transfer, especially over Bluetooth.

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Tap on the Close button to close the progress page. On the peer device, you will see the new assets right away after the sync process is completed. You can preview the new assets within Media Sync or you could use the Photos application.