Media Store > FTP Connection Settings

You will need to run an FTP Server on your computer prior to using Media Store in order to transfer/store photos and videos on this computer. If your computer is running Mac OS X, instructions for setting up an FTP Server is available here. If your computer is running Windows, you can either use zFTPserver or Xlight FTP Server. They are both free for personal use. Install and setup instructions are available on the vendor’s web site. Once the FTP Server is setup, provide the following settings to Media Store so that it knows how to connect to your FTP Server:

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Here’s a brief description of each input field:

  1. FTP Server Name or IP Address: this is the name or IP Address of the computer running the FTP Server (for example: MyMacbookPro or
  2. User ID: the user id of the ftp account
  3. Password: the password of the ftp account
  4. Target Directory: this is the directory to store the photos or videos (for example: /photos or /albums/vacation). Make sure that the specified Target Directory already exists.
  5. FTP Passive Transfer Mode: leave this to OFF unless you are familiar with how FTP works
Tap on “Test Connection” to open a test FTP connection to ensure everything is setup correctly. If “Test Connection” is successful, tap on “Save Settings” to save your FTP Settings. Once your FTP settings are saved, you do not need to provide these information again unless you are connecting to a different FTP Server.