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Media Store allows you to do lightning fast over-the-air transfer of photos AND videos from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch's Photo Album to any PC or MAC. Media Store is simple, fast, and easy to use. It is designed to work on both iPhone and iPad.

Media Store uses FTP to transfer photos and videos from your iOS device to any computer or device that can run an FTP Server. If your computer is running Mac OS X, instructions for setting up an FTP Server is available
here. If your computer is running Windows, you can either use zFTPserver or Xlight FTP Server. They are both free for personal use. Install and setup instructions are available on the vendor’s web site.

Note that the quality of photos and videos remains unchanged during the transfer

NOTE: You MUST turn on Location Service for Media Store in order for it to access your photos and videos. To do this, launch the Settings app. It's under Settings > Location Services. Look for Media Store then enable Location Services for it. You must kill and relaunch Media Store after enable Locations Services. To kill Media Store, double press on the Home button, find and touch the Media Store icon until it wiggles and the minus red icon appears. Tap on the minus red icon to kill Media Store.

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