Home Maintenance > Overview

Home Maintenance allows for tracking of all service items related to your home. Home Maintenance comes with the following features:
  • Allows for maintenance tracking of multiple (unlimited) homes.
  • For each Home, you will need to define the Items you’d want to maintain. For instance: Deck, Roof, Siding, and Heat Pump are examples Items. The application comes with a list of predefined items that you can choose from. You can also create your custom Item.
  • Each Item has its own service schedule. For instance, a Deck needs a power wash every 2 years. The predefined list of Items has a recommended service schedule for each Item, but you can modify it to your own needs.
  • Once a service schedule is in place for an Item, the application automatically notifies you (using visual warnings) when the Item’s next service due date is soon to arrive.
  • The Service Record screen allows you to record and track all services done against a particular Item.
  • You can attach one or more photos (either from the Photos Library or directly taken with you iPhone or iPod Touch) to a Home, Item, or Service Record. This is nice because you can visually track the changes over time. You can of course attach pictures of service receipts, providing you with a backup (in case you lose your receipts, which I do all the time).
The application contains 3 main sections: Homes, Items, and Service History. The Homes section is where you manage the Home records. The Items section is where you manage the Items for a selected Home. The Service History section is where you manage the Service Records for a selected Item.

If you have additional questions, comments, or feature requests, please contact us at support@pojosoft.com