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When the application is first launched, you will be presented with the “New Home” page, as seen in the next 2 images below:



This page allows you to add a Home to manage. Note that you can attach one or more images to this Home by tapping on the Camera icon (see annotated image above). Enter data (by tapping on the input fields) and tap Save. A typical Homes page looks like this:


Each row contains the following information:

  1. The Home’s image icon. If you attached one or more images to your Home, the application will use the first image for the Home’s icon. If not, it will use the default icon (i.e., the default blue Home icon as shown in the first row above).
  2. The Home’s name and service summary about its managed Items. For instance, “Beach House” currently has no Items. But “Our Home” has 3 Items, and 2 of them are due for service. Tapping on this row brings up the Items page, where you can manage the Items for the selected Home.
  3. The Home’s detail disclosure icon disclosure. This is the standard Apple’s provided icon, tapping on it allows you to edit the current Home record. Recall that to attach images to a Home, tap on the camera icon. To remove a currently attached image, tap on the image to bring up its detail view, then you can remove the image by tapping the trash icon.
To add another Home, tap on the “Add Home” button (bottom left corner). To send yourself (or whoever) a complete maintenance history of one or more Homes, tap on the Email envelope icon. The other 2 icons are for Help and Info about the app.

Here’s the Home Details page:


Tap on an image get a larger view, as shown below:


To email the complete maintenance history of one or more Homes, tap on the Email envelope icon. The following page should appear:


Select one or more Homes then tap on the green “Email Maintenance Record” button to launch the email page:


Type in your email address then tap the Send button to send.