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Home Maintenance allows for tracking of all service items related to your home. Home Maintenance comes with the following features:
  • Allows for maintenance tracking of multiple (unlimited) homes.
  • For each Home, you will need to define the Items you’d want to maintain. For instance: Deck, Roof, Siding, and Heat Pump are examples Items. The application comes with a list of predefined items that you can choose from. You can also create your custom Item.
  • Each Item has its own service schedule. For instance, a Deck needs a power wash every 2 years. The predefined list of Items has a recommended service schedule for each Item, but you can modify it to your own needs.
  • Once a service schedule is in place for an Item, the application automatically notifies you (using visual warnings) when the Item’s next service due date is soon to arrive.
  • The Service Record screen allows you to record and track all services done against a particular Item.
  • You can attach one or more photos (either from the Photos Library or directly taken with your iPhone or iPod Touch) to a Home, Item, or Service Record. This is useful because you can visually track the changes over time. You can of course attach pictures of service receipts, providing you with a backup (in case you lose your receipts, which I do all the time).
  • You can sync data and images between iOS devices (iphone/ipad/ipod touch) via the built-in sync features.
  • Supports Local Notifications. These are used to notify users (via a visual popup window) when service for an item is due. Local notifications work even when the application is not running.
  • Ability to view all due items in all homes. This is useful when you have multiple homes and would like to see all due items at once.
  • Ability to print and email reports.
  • Backup and restore data and images via iTunes. Use this feature when you want to backup your data in order to restore to a specific version at a later date.
The application contains 3 main sections: Homes, Items, and Service History. The Homes section is where you manage the Home records. The Items section is where you manage the Items for a selected Home. The Service History section is where you manage the Service Records for a selected Item.

Here’s what the application looks like on the iPad:


The application is divided into 2 sections: Homes, Items, and Service History. Each Home has one or more service Items, and each Item has one or more Service History records. You tap on a Home record to see or manage its Items; tap on an Item to manage its Service History. At the bottom is the toolbar. Each icon is annotated as shown above. Each section and functionality is discussed in the following sections.

If you have additional questions, comments, or feature requests, please contact us at support@pojosoft.com. We will try to response within 24 hrs.