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Here’s what the Service History section typically looks like (the section on the right):


The Service History section shows the all services done for the selected Item in the middle sectio. To add a new service record, tap on the “Add” button (top left corner of the Service History section), which brings up the following page:


Service Type can be one of 4 possible values: Install, Maintenance, Repairs, or Other. For Service Date, you can specify both the Date and Time of the service. The Service By field now uses the Contacts on you iOS device. Tap on the plus icon to lookup an existing contact. To create a new contact, just tap on the input field. Notes field is a free-form text field. Similar to Homes and Items, you can attach one or more pictures when creating a new service record. This is useful for saving pictures of receipts, repairs, etc.

Note that when a new service record is recorded for an Item, the Next Service Date for the Item is automatically incremented based on the Item’s Service Frequency, unless the Service Frequency has a value of “Due One”. “Due Once” means that the Item only needs to be serviced once.

To edit an exiting Service History record, tap on it. To remove a record, tap on the “Edit” button (top right corner), tap the red minus button and the tap “Delete” to confirm your delete, as shown below: