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Here’s what the Items section typically looks like (the middle section):


The middle section displays all the service Items currently maintained for the selected Home. By default, the section displays all Items. If you want to view only the due (and past due) items, tap on the “Due Items” button. This section is very important because it gives you the following information about each Item:

  • Item Name
  • Service Due Visual Indicator: uses a traffic light to visually indicates if an item is due for service. Green means a service is not yet due. Yellow means the service’s due date is within the warning period (i.e., service is due soon). Red means service is past due. If the Next Service Date is not specified for an item, the traffic light will be gray. To change the Yellow or Red light to blue, you will need to create a Service Record for the Item. You create a Service Record in the Service History section. For more information, see here.
  • Service Details: this is the 2 gray text lines under the Item name. Tells you when service is completed (for One-Time service items), when service is due, or when service is past due. It also tells you if the Next Service Date needs to be specified (for new Items).
The information on this section is automatically updated every minute, so you will always get the latest to the minute information of all service Items.

To add a new service Item, tap on the “Add” icon (top left of the Items section) and you should see the following popup menu:


The application comes with a predefined list of service items that are most commonly used. You can pick from this list or create your own custom Item. Let’s go through the process of creating your own custom Item. Tap on “Create a new Item” to bring up the following page (we have filled the fields with sample data):


The available fields are:

  • Item Name: name of the service item you want to manage
  • Service Desc: service description.
  • Service Frequency: how often does this Item need to be serviced. There’s a pre-defined list of Service Frequencies, tap to choose an appropriate one. Note that for a “Due Once” Service Frequency, the Item only needs to be serviced once. When you record a new service record, the Next Service Date for the Item will not be automatically incremented for a “Due Once” Service Frequency.
  • Next Service Date: use this field to specify when the next service needs to be performed for this item. Initially, if you don’t specify a Next Service Date, the application will not warn you when the Item’s service due date approaches. However, once a Service Due Date is specified, the application automatically maintains the Next Service Date using the Item’s latest Service Record and the Item’s Service Frequency. (See Service History help page on how to record a new Service Record for an Item)
  • Warn Me: the application uses this user specified period to warn you of the next service date for the Item. For example, if you pick “10 days before due”, the application will provide a warning 10 days before the item is due for service. If you pick “10 minutes”, it will warn you 10 minutes before the service date. There are 2 ways the application can warn the user: 1) via the yellow traffic light and 2) via a Local Notification. A Local Notification is just a popup window telling you when an Item is within its warning period and the Item needs service soon. Local Notifications work even if you’re not using the Home Maintenance application.
  • Notes: you can enter any information in this free-form text field. Tap on the blue icon if you want to have more room to enter your text
  • Pictures: one or more pictures can be attached to this item. You can use it to maintain a visual history.
The second method of adding Items is from a pre-defined list. Tap on “Add from a pre-defined list” to bring up the following page:


The page is made up of 2 lists: the Essential List (tap the Essential button) and the Extended List (tap the Extended button). Each predefined Item comes with its service description and service frequency. Tap on one or more row(s) to select and then tap the Save button to add these selected Items to your list of maintained Items.

Let’s get back to the Items section:


To edit the Item, tap on the disclosure indicator icon disclosure. To record services done against each Item, tap on the Item row, you will be presented with the Service History page. This is where you can record services done against an Item. When you record a new service for an Item, it’s visual indicator light on the Items section will be automatically changed to reflect the latest status. The Item’s Next Service Date will be automatically updated as well.

The help page for Service History is available here.