Home Maintenance > Backup & Restore

Home Maintenance uses a SQLite database to store its data. The SQLite database is stored as a file on the iOS device. The images you attached to Home, Item, and Service History records are also stored as regular files. Using iTunes, we can backup and restore this files. This allows you to restore your Home Maintenance database to any previously backed up version.

Connect your iOS device to either a Mac or PC. Select your iOS device on the left side. Then select the “Apps” tab on top. You will see a list of applications in the “Apps” section of the page as shown below. Select the Home Maintenance application, allowing you to see the list of data files used by the Home Maintenance application, as shown below :

Notice that there are only 2 types of files visible under “Home Maintenance Documents” section:

  1. HomeMaintenance.sqlite -- this is the SQLite database used to store all Home Maintenance data (except images)
  2. *.png -- these are the images you attached to Home, Item, and Service History records
To perform a complete backup, select all these files and then click “Save to...” to save the database and image files to a location (on your MAC or PC) to be specified by you. Perform a backup of your data as often as required in case you need to restore using one of these saved backups.

To perform a restored, click the “Add...” button to select the files that you previously backed up. If the files already exist, and they should, iTunes will prompt you with the following:


Click the “Apply to all” checkbox and then click Replace to replace all the files. After a backup, you will need to restart the Home Maintenance application. To restart Home Maintenance, you will need to kill it, exiting it is not enough. To kill home maintenance, press the home button on your iOS device once to quit the app, then double press the home button again, you should see the following:


Tap and hold the HomeMaintenance icon until it wiggles and the minus icon appears, like below:


Tap on the red minus of the HomeMaintenance icon to kill the application. Press the home button again to exit. Now you can launch the Home Maintenance application. It should use the version of the data that you just restored.