Home Maintenance > Homes

Tap on the “Add” button in the Homes section to add a new Home:

Enter data for your home and tap “Save”. For the Address and Notes fields, you can either enter data directly or tap on the detail disclosure icon

disclosure to request for more room to enter your text. You can also attach one or more images to a home.

Here’s what the application looks like with a couple of Home records (focus on the Homes section for now; the Items and Service History sections will be discussed later):


Each row in the Homes section contains the following information:

  1. The Home’s image icon. If you attached one or more images to your Home, the application will use the first image for the Home’s icon. If not, it will use the default icon (i.e., the default blue Home icon as shown in the first row above).
  2. The Home’s name and quick summary about its managed Items. For instance, “Beach Home” currently has no Items. But “Our Home” has 4 Items, and 2 of them are due for service. Tapping on this row brings up the Items page, where you can manage the Items for the selected Home.
  3. The Home’s detail disclosure icon disclosure. This is the standard Apple’s provided icon, tapping on it allows you to edit the current Home record.
To add another Home, tap on the “Add” button (top left corner of the Homes section). To edit or delete a Home record, tap on “Edit” (top right corner of the Homes section), and then tap on a row to edit or the red minus button to delete.
The toolbar at the bottom of the page supports the following features:
  1. Sort -- you can sort the Home records by tapping either ascending (A-Z icon) or descending (Z-A icon).
  2. View or Print Reports -- tap on the document icon. See more details here.
  3. Sync data -- this feature allows you to sync data between multiple iOS devices (iphone/ipad/ipod touch). See more details here.