Baby Vaccines allows for tracking of your children’s vaccination records from birth to the age of 14. The application consists of 4 main tabs:
  1. Schedule -- this tab shows you a detailed description and a vaccination schedule (i.e. when each shot is taken) for each of the 13 vaccines as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  2. Records -- this tab allows you to maintain a vaccination schedule for one or more child. First, you will need to add one or more child record. Then for each child, you can record when a particular vaccination shot is taken. You can also email your child complete vaccination records to yourself, or to anyone who has an email address.
  3. Appointments -- this tab allows for scheduling of vaccination appointments.
  4. Help -- this tab links directly to this help page.
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Schedule Tab


For each vaccine, a red needle signifies that a shot is required for that age period. For Hepatitis B, a shot is required at Birth, between 1-2 months, and between 6-18 months. To view more details about a vaccine, tab on the vaccine name. The image below shows details for the Pneumococcal vaccine. Besides the detailed vaccine description, it also tells you when each of the 4 shots should be taken:


Records Tab


The default page for the Records tab shows all children whose immunization records are being managed by Baby Vaccines. Obviously, when you first use Baby Vaccines, you will need to add the child records before you can manage their immunization records.

Adding a new Child record

To add a child, tap on the Add button (top right corner). You’ll see the following:


The fields on this form are self-explanatory except for the camera icon (bottom left corner). You can attach pictures to your child’s record using this icon. Tapping on the camera image allows you to either choose an existing image from your image library or use your camera to take a new picture to attach to your child’s record. The following shows the same add form but with 1 attached image:


When tapping on the image, you will see the following details image:


Tap on the trash icon (right bottom corner) to delete image. If you attach multiple images to your child’s record, the application will use the first image as the image icon for this child record. If there are no attached images for a child’s record, the application will use the default boy/girl image. Here’s an example:


Each child record shows the name of the child as well as the child’s Immunization Records summary. An example of an Immunization Records summary: “Immunization Summary: 13 Vaccines (1 Completed, 2 Partially Completed, 10 Not Yet Started”. “Completed” means all shots for a vaccine have been given. “Partially Completed” means at least 1 shot for a vaccine has been given, but not all. “Not Yet Started” means no shots have been given.

Manage your child’s Immunization Records

Tap on a child record/row to view and manage that child’s Immunization Records, shown below:


Each row displays a vaccine name and when each shot is required to be taken. A red needle signifies that the shot has not yet been given. Once a shot is recorded, the needle turns blue. To record a shot, tap on a red needle, which should bring up the following form:


Enter data and tap Save to record a shot. This is how shots are recorded and maintained. The red needle should turn blue after you recorded a shot. If you wish to remove a shot record, tap on a blue needle, then tap on “Delete Record” to remove, as shown bellow:


To get a complete details view of a vaccine, including when each shot is taken, tap on the vaccine name, which should popup the following:


Notice that only the first dose/shot has been given (blue needle). The remaining 2 shots still need to be taken (red needles).

Emailing your child’s Immunization Records

To email yourself a complete Immunization Records of a particular child, tap the email Button (top right corner of your child’s Immunization Records page), as shown below:


Edit or Delete a Child Record

To edit or delete a child record, tap on the Edit button (top left corner) of the Children page, as shown below:


Which then displays the following:


Tap on a row to edit that child’s record or tap on the red minus icon to delete the record.

Appointments Tab

This tab allows for scheduling of vaccination appointments. By default, appointments are sorted by due date, as shown below:


To add a new appointment, tap on the Add button (top right corner). Here’s the appointment Add page:


To edit or delete an appointment, tap on the Edit button (top left corner). You should see the following:


Tap on a row to edit an appointment or tap on the red minus icon to delete it.